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April 23 2017 – Deaconess Hospital’s Visit

Deaconess Hospital from Evansville Indiana has been working with the Annotto Bay Hospital for many years, bringing medical teams, construction teams,, education teams and much more! They are such a blessing to the community and have always stayed with us at Strawberry Fields Together!

August 23, 2015

Check out this wonderful video featuring Strawberry Fields Together! (Credit to the Jamaica Observer).


May 28th 2015 – Congratulations!

Congratulations to the Strawberry Patch Cafe and Grill Cafe team which won the award for St. Mary. Miss Jen’s fried chicken is the talk of the town!


April 20th 2015 – Successful Beach Cleanup

Over the weekend hundreds of supporters and sponsors turned out to take part in the first ever “Nuh Dutty Up Robin’s Bay” beach clean up. It was a successful day with each participant being placed in teams and each team being responsible for different areas across the stretch of beaches along the Robin’s Bay coast line. Proceeds from the plastic bottle drive from the clean up are in aid of the Robin’s Bay Primary School fencing project. We want to say thanks to all those who lend their time, efforts and means in making this cleanup a reality and a success.

Sponsors and Organizers of the project includes: Strawberry Fields Together, Green Castle Estate, Respect Jamaica, Sankey Party, St. Mary Parish Development Committee, Robin’s Bay Citizen Association and the Police Youth Groups and other merchants. We want to say thanks to Lee’s Block Factory donated the use of a bulldozer.

Some Highlights

Edit: This clean up activity was featured in the Jamaica Observer’s May 11 paper:  Nuh Dutty Up Robin’s Bay Campaign

April 16th 2015 – Yum!

Strawberry Patch Cafe and Grill was featured in today’s Jamaica Observer’s Lifestyle. According the editor Howard Pottinger –

“Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards judge for the parish of St Mary Howard Pottinger takes us to Robin’s Bay, St Mary, for a taste of what he reckons is the best chicken in the parish and perhaps Jamaica…

Strawberry Fields Together is a rustic, homely resort in Robin’s Bay and a fixture in my childhood memories from my times on the beach there. Its restaurant, the Strawberry Patch, is my pick today and the star on the menu, is, arguably the best fried chicken in St Mary, and dare I say, Jamaica!

It was a review from my brother that prompted me to try it for myself. He wrote this after trying the chicken at Strawberry Patch. I couldn’t agree more:

“Fried chicken in Jamaica is no simple matter of just dropping a piece of chicken into hot oil. With all due respect to our big brother up North, our version is a notch above. Starting with the seasonings, then the breading and the gravy — yes, gravy! Spooned generously over it as it bubbles and squeaks on our plate next to the rice and peas and steamed veggies or cole slaw. The breading is carefully seasoned and primed to receive, enhance, and be enhanced by the gravy that is spooned over it just before it’s served.”

Link to article: Jamaica Observer