The Portland Tour

Summer Set Falls

A blend of tranquility, rain forest, lush gardens, play in river and then take a little boat behind a spectacular falls, Somerset Falls offers beautiful untouched scenery, peaceful nature, and cool vibes.

Port Antonio Marine Park

Folly Ruins

Mysterious Ruins dated back from 1905. The mansion was a grand structure in its heyday, styled on a Roman Villa with 60 rooms spread over 2 floors.The Folly Mansion was built in 1905 by Alfred Mitchell, for himself and his wife, the Tiffany heiress, Annie Tiffany. 60 rooms on 2 floors.

Alfred Mitchell died in 1911 and Annie continued to live at Folly Mansion until the outbreak of World War One in 1914, when she returned to the USA. Cement being mixed with sea water is said to be the reason the walls crumbled. Research the details…very interesting. It is said to have been made using the sea sand which is full of salt and that is why it became a “Folly”.

Blue Lagoon

The most famous place in Portland and one of the legendary beauty spots in the world. A natural favorite for swimmers as the mix of fresh and salt water offers an unusual bathing experience. They say the lagoon is bottomless and that a sort of dragon resides there. But in reality Blue Lagoon is an enchanting spot with deep blue water fed by a fresh water mineral spring.

Lunch at ‘Best kept secret’. A funky, little, Rastafarian ‘Shack’

The name “Best Kept Secret” comes from the restaurant’s “funky” little disguised “fruit stand” which turns out into a multi leveled floors overlooking Navy Island. Owned by Dicky and his family, after 30 years in business, the secret is well and truly out, with plenty of word-of-mouth business passing through the doors.