Strawberry Patch Café & Grill Meal Plans

 Our meals are all home cooked Jamaican and American cuisine seasoned especially to your liking! Some of our most favourite breakfasts are tropical baked oatmeal, ackee & saltfish, whole grain coconut pancakes, and many others served with fresh fruit and fruit juices from our farm or locally purchased and we won’t forget the Blue Mountain Coffee!

While on the tours we roast fish and breadfruit or corn and yam right over the campfire for lunch when on the trail or dine at some unique restaurants or jerk centers on other tours. While at Strawberry Fields Together! You can order lunch also.

Enjoy dinner entrees such as Escoveitch Fish, Curried Goat, Jerk Chicken, Honey Baked Chicken, Black Beans in coconut milk Cream of Pumpkin Soup or our other vegetarian delights… the choices are endless!


Enjoy our new award winning Strawberry Patch Café & Grill ! 


For your very special night let us serve you right on your own private beach cove! We will set up your own candlelit table under a vast canopy of stars while your chef prepares and serves your favorite dishes!

At Strawberry Fields Together! you can choose our 2 meal plan for $30 USD per person per day or our three meal plan for $40 USD. (plus tax of course).

A quote from one of our satisfied guests: “I savor and  enjoy the food at Strawberry Fields Together! The staff is so conscientious and give us what we want, how we want it!”