Grounds at Strawberry Fields Together!



The main beach cove on the property was originally named Toby Bay. The point, Don Christopher’s Point on the Jamaican Map is an historical point where the Spanish and English last fought it out at sea in front of this point. It is said that in 1657 Christpher de Sasse fought off the Spaniards right here. For awhile in history, the point was called Combat Point. There are stories of the Spaniards burying their gold on the north coast before fleeing. I personally have seen one of the gold coins with a Conquistor on it that was dug up in the area!
This cove was naturally made by nature and is the only white sand beach on the whole coast. Enjoy it quiet during the week, then share a party with the Jamaicans who love to come on the weekend the enjoy the beauty.



Our Lotus Pond


Don Christopher’s Point last battle at sea 1657